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RENT A CAR - Heraklion Airport

Crete is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands in Greece, offering visitors a unique blend of culture, history, and natural beauty. With its stunning beaches, mountains, valleys, and plateaus, the island is a paradise for nature lovers. To fully experience the wonders of this magnificent island, all you need is a safe car to explore its hidden gems. Soultatos Rent a Car is here to offer you the best car rental services in Crete and help you create unforgettable memories.

Soultatos Rent a Car is a leading car rental company in Crete that offers affordable and reliable car rental services to tourists and locals alike. With a wide range of vehicles to choose from, including compact cars, SUVs, and luxury cars, Soultatos Rent a Car can meet all your car rental needs. Our fleet of well-maintained vehicles is regularly serviced to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable ride.

Crete, the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest in the Mediterranean is located in the South Aegean and has an area of ​​8,331 square kilometers.

It is a different category of island, as in Crete, one can discover magical beaches, inaccessible mountain peaks and fertile plateaus and valleys. The images alternate with each other in just a few kilometers, filling the eye and the soul.

One of the best ways to explore Crete is by renting a car. With a car, you can easily access the island's hidden gems, such as its wild gorges, caves, and plateaus. You can also discover the island's stunning beaches, including the ones where the sea turtle caretta caretta makes its appearance. With a car rental from Soultatos Rent a Car, you can explore Crete at your own pace and make the most out of your holiday.

Crete is a popular destination for families and children due to its mild climate and safe beaches. With Soultatos Rent a Car, you can easily access the island's many theme parks, places of history and culture, and other attractions that are sure to keep you and your family entertained. Our car rental services are the perfect choice for families and groups of friends who want to experience the beauty of Crete together.

In conclusion, if you want to explore the natural wonders of Crete with ease and comfort, Soultatos Rent a Car is here to help. With our affordable and reliable car rental services, you can easily access the island's stunning beaches, mountains, valleys, and plateaus and create unforgettable memories. Book your car rental today and get ready to discover the hidden gems of Crete.



There are No Hidden Extras, the price you see is the price you pay! 

All our prices include Full Insurance CDW, 2 Drivers and always FREE kms!

Payment is made on collection of your rental car, with the method you prefer. We accept most major Debit/Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB) as well as cash for payments.

Compare our all-inclusive prices, sorted by period and type of vehicle. The fact that we have an easy approach, is that we do not increase the final price and we do not apply extra charges for changes or modifications to your booking. 

You can comfortably rent your vehicle at Heraklion Airport, at the city center, at the port of Heraklion, or even directly at your accomodation, (hotel, apartment) near the city and thus be able to enjoy your holidays to the maximum, while saving precius time. 

Remember if you are looking for the best, low cost but all-inclusive  car hire in Crete, you are in the right website.

Rent your car with our local car hire company that offers you Quality, Peace of Mind and Safety for your holiday.

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All you need to explore and enjoy Crete, is a safe car.

travel to crete soultatos rent a carThe mountains of Crete are characterized on many beauties, including wild, deep gorges and caves, by plateaus due to the large areas occupied by limestone. Most of the gorges of the island were created about 2 million years ago, after great and frightening tectonic changes.

The gorges then took their final form after great effects and erosion of the environment, so Crete acquired the form it has today.

In the seas of Crete, the presence of dolphinons and the Seal Monachus Monachus is permanent, while in the sandy shores of Crete, the sea turtle caretta caretta makes its appearance.

Crete is crossed by two climatic zones, the Mediterranean, in the north, and North Africa, in the south. The sea temperature does not fall below 15 degrees in winter, especially in the south.

That's why the climate of Crete is considered one of the most beautiful, healthiest and mildest in Europe. The good weather makes it an ideal place for children and families.

The natural beauties of the island, the shallow sandy and easy to access beaches, the theme parks, the places of history and culture and the countless activities that are offered make the holidays in Crete unforgettable.

Crete receives millions of passengers from all over the world every year, as its three international airports, Heraklion, Chania and Sitia, are connected by air with hundreds of other international airports.

Apart from airports, other main gateways are ports. Dozens of passenger ships daily connect the ports of Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania with the largest port in Greece, Piraeus. Itineraries also connect the Cyclades and Heraklion, while there are itineraries to and from Rhodes, Karpathos, Milos and many other islands, from the ports of Sitia, Agios Nikolaos and Kissamos.

Thus, easy access to the island is the first step, for a pleasant and comfortable vacation.

The sea is an attractive choice, as you have the opportunity to relax and get close to nature. Crete offers a variety of safe beaches, ideal for families with children and groups of adults, as most are well organized, quiet, leeward, sandy or pebble, for every taste.