Balos beach is at the northwesternmost point of Crete, on Cape Gramvoussa, near the town of Kissamos or Kastelli in Chania Prefecture. You can get to Balos beach either by boat from Kissamos or by car, but the only road is a rough dirt track.

Balos lagoon, Gramvousa beach Crete Greece. Crete island travel guide for Balos, one of the most popular tourist destinations in western Crete for vacation or for summer holidays. The beach of Gramvousa offers something for couples and families and the young alike with big sandy paradise beaches for camping, relaxing and much more.

Gramvousa beach is also called Tigani to Balos and is located on the tip of western Crete. It is an idyllic place with pure and soft white sand, emerald waters and lagoons, totally unspoiled by any kind of touristy facilities. It has remained a secret place for a long time, because of the difficulty to reach it, except by private boat or after a very long walk. Since a few years this little paradise has been discovered by many people, its accessibility has been improved by regular boats and good dirt road. Sadly it can get quite crowded some times and spoiled by rubbish.

The best period to go to Gramvoussa and admire it as it was before is in spring.