Car rental terms autocreta

Required documents 
  • Valid National driving license for EU, US, UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Russia or Ukraine citizens and International driving license for all other countries.
  • Passport or identity card.
  • Valid credit card.

**All above documents, should be presented in their original form and not in copy or photo.

Driver’s age
  • Economy & Medium Groups, minimum age 23 years old
  • Full-sized/SUV/7-9seater Minivans, minimum age 25 years old
  • Audi A3 Cabrio, minimum age 28 years old
The driver must be in possession of a valid driver’s license for at least two (2) three (3) and five (5) years respectively.
**Maximum age is 70 years old for all categories.
Up to 2 drivers including the main driver, are accepted per car.
Methods of payment
We accept the following payment methods:
  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro & JCB)
  • Bank Transfer (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece)
  • Online Payments via Viva Wallet Payment platform
Guarantee of the rental
The renter is required to own a valid Credit or Debit card (VISA or MasterCard) on his name at the time of the pick-up, which will be requested for the guarantee of the rental, regardless the payment method.
If the renter is not a Credit/Debit card holder, it can be submitted cash guarantee instead, which will be fully refunded at the end of the rental period.
In this case, please contact us in advance.
If the renter will not be able to collect the pre-booked vehicle due to insufficient documentation, or in case the Credit/Debit card will not be valid or accepted by the supplier, resulting unable to pre-authorize procedure to cover the Excess amount, the company will not hand over the vehicle and in such case, refund will not be possible.
Please note, that Prepaid or Virtual cards as well as cards of another holder, other than the primary driver, are not accepted.
Booking Confirmation 
For the confirmation of your booking, an advance payment may apply. 
Deposit is usually paid via Bank Transfer (Eurobank, National Bank of Greece), or by credit/debit card (VISA or MasterCard), via Viva Wallet Payments.
*Additional bank fees, are paid by the renter.
Lat minute reservations, can be confirmed without advance payment, you may contact us in advance.

 Delivery & Return Locations
For the area of Heraklion (airport & port) delivery is free and the minimum rental period is 3 days.
For Chania airport, an additional transfer fee applies for car delivery or return and the minimum rental period is 7 days.
Rental duration
All vehicles are rented for a specific period, date and time, as stated in the rental contract.
The grace period is one (1) hour at the end of the rental upon consultation and acceptance by the company.
After one (1) hour, a full day rate is charged.
Fuel policy
All vehicles are hired out with at least ¼, ½, ¾ or with full tank and expected to return in the same level, as was delivered when the rental started.
The renter is obligated to follow the instructions indicated upon delivery and always use the correct type of fuel. 

Upon return of the vehicle, the amount of the missing fuel, will be charged to the renter plus a refueling service fee, of 15 euro.
If such case, the amount, is submitted only by cash.

Please note, that there is no refund option in case of additional fuel in the tank, upon return.
Traffic Fines
The renter is the sole responsible for any traffic violations that may arise during the rental period and has the obligation to pay the respective fines, according to the Greek law. 
Ferrying the vehicle outside Crete
Ferrying the rented vehicle outside Crete boarders, is not allowed in any case!! This includes other islands or mainland transportation.
Both the insurance coverage and the provision of roadside assistance, apply exclusively for the island of Crete.
Additional equipment
Any equipment like kids car seats, charging cables, USB plugs, sunshades, etc., are only available upon request, subject to availability.
For children seats, apply daily fee of 2€
Car Seats
Please, keep in mind to always request your additional equipment, in advance.
Car delivery & return during out-of-hours
For car delivery or return out of working hours, from 21:30pm until 08:30am, applies additional fee, you may contact us in advance for more information. 
 Vehicle categories
Bookings are confirmed subject to the car category, which includes variety of car models with similar characteristics and not a specific brand, model, design or colour.
For valid reservations, in case there will not be any car available from the selected category, our company has the right to offer any vehicle of another bigger category, for the same price pre-agreed.
 Vehicle Condition
Every vehicle, is delivered for rent fully checked and clean. During the rental period, the renter is responsible for taking due care and attention of the vehicle, maintaining its smooth functioning. 
As we respect people with allergies or other health issues, as well as infants, babies and children, we kindly inform our clients, that domestic animals or smoking, are not allowed in any rental vehicle!
Except for normal wear and dirt, the vehicle should return in the same good condition, as received at the beggining of the rental.
In the case that the vehicle upon its return will be unacceptably dirty, including beach sand on seats, floor, trunk, stains on seats, stains from sea water, animal hair, vomit, mud, dust etc., resulting special cleaning procedure, in its interior and exterior, the renter will be charged with a cleaning fee, ranged from 80 to 150 euro, depending to the state of the car.
 Category upgrade - Extension of rental period
If you wish to upgrade the car category selected or in case you want to extend the rental duration, we kindly request from you, to update us, in a good time.
Please note, that category upgrade and rental extension, depend solely on availability, so the company may refuse your request, in case there is no longer availability or if the vehicle is already been booked for another resrevation.
For booking cancellations, no cancellation fees apply.
However the deposit amount submitted is not refundable in case of cancellation, but is intended to be used for future car rental services.
The renter is not entitled to refund, in case the vehicle returns earlier than the pre-agreed date or time stated in the rental contract, in case of additional fuel in the tank upon return, or in case of false/inaccurate information, during the booking process.
In case of no-show situation, the original booking conditions will only be maintained for 2 hours from the initial pick-up time and only if the company has been informed in advance.
If the renter fails to deliver the vehicle at the pre-agreed date & time or notify the rental company of cancellation before the rental is yet to start, this will be considered as No-show.
 Modification of Terms & Conditions

Above terms may be modified at any time, in order to adapt to the applicable trade policy.
We therefore recommend you, before renting a vehicle via our website, to read carefully the terms and conditions of our company.

  • Last updated - November 2023
 Law & Jurisdiction

In case of any dispute or discrepancy, related to the above terms, the parties involved, waive any other jurisdiction and agree to subject to the Courts of the city of Heraklion Crete, in accordance with the provisions of the Greek legislation that applies in such cases.